Inspired and designed for the average online user!

Flux editor brings desktop publishing and design layout features typically found in a graphic design layout program to your web pages. With CKEditor ready integration it combines a online word processor for custom formatting of your layers.

Layers based formatting and layout design online!

In creation of digital media in a web browser, a layers based object oriented editor is needed to place images on top of text and transparency in the design of complex layouts.

Typical uses that need a more complex layout.

  • Advertisements.
  • Digital Signage.
  • Full web pages.
  • Online print layouts.
  • Speciality Awards


Code example:

    var TopPostion = this.MousePY + this.EditorOffsetY,
        LeftPostion = this.MousePX + this.EditorOffsetX;
      if (Math.abs(LeftPostion) > this.WindowWidth / 2 - PNETOOLS.EditorMinLeft || TopPostion < PNETOOLS.EditorMinTop ) { return; } = TopPostion + "px"; = (TopPostion - PNETOOLS.EditorToolbarOffsetTop) + "px"; = LeftPostion + "px"; = LeftPostion + "px";

      this.LayerAttributeLeft[this.CurrentLayerNumber] = parseInt( + this.CurrentLayerObject.Editable.offsetLeft;
      this.LayerAttributeTop[this.CurrentLayerNumber] = parseInt( + this.CurrentLayerObject.Editable.offsetTop;



 Full Drag & Drop Editor.

The PNE flux editor is a layer based fully drag and drop editor.

Plugnedit allows for rapid creation of HTML pages with options not found in standard editors.

The layers based editor allows for stacking of objects, transparencies in a online format that is ideal

for digital media creation.



Demo & General Setup


Site created with PlugNedit



  • I love it! Simply Symphony is the Greatest ever Drag and Drop Site Builder for Wordpress! You can do what you exactly you want in seconds! This is the best tool to build your Landing Page like a flash! Big thanks for the developers! You are doing great guys!!!

    SY Sergey Yakovski
  • Seems very good. I tried the Free Version and it seems very good. Now i have upgraded to the full version. I am sure it will be very good.

    SB Sarah Begum
  • I have searched for some time for an editor that will build a full-width page within my existing theme. I am the webmaster for our church, but my skills with HTML are very minimal. The ability to work in both desktop and mobile formats is very useful. I look forward to updates such as easier inclusion of links and Hover ability. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you! Brent

    BH Brent E. Hughes


  • Full drag & Drop.

    All editor objects are full movable and based on absolute positioning.
  • Layers Based

    The editor is layers based allowing for the stacking of objects on top of each other. Options to bring to front , send to back or move up or down one level.

    Object transparency allowing bleed thru of layers beneath.
  • Multi window design

    PlugNedit uses multiple window to seperate content from th editor. This provides a safer canvas environment.
  • Multi Canvas

    You can create multi canvases usefull for adaptive pages, and timelines.
  • Compatibility

    IE9+ FireFox Chrome Safari